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This family of micro-rpg PbtA games really is what table-top gaming is all about, when you think about it. "Screw around with the unknown and get in over your head!"

  • The games are simple to learn and fun to master.
  • Quickly run a game based on nearly any movie or TV show.
  • Perfect for new GMs or Players.
  • It's a good distraction between campaigns and a great party game.
  • Simple way to get into the narrative gaming movement.
  • Character Creation takes seconds an can fit on an index card.
  • You only need two six-sided dice to play.
  • Gameplay is fast-paced and fun!

This is the home of the entire family of games  (a purchase here will get you all of the following at a deep discount):

  • FAFO Fantasy
  • FAFO In Space
  • FAFO Cyberpunk
  • MAFO Universal System (a family friendly variant)

You'll also instantly gain early access to:

  • FAFO Supernatural
  • FAFO Magicians
  • FAFO Heroes
  • Universal GM Guide

Check out BMGC's other release, Children of Midnight Quickstart for free (for now)!

Join our Discord if you have any questions!

Credit to @Farore_RPG for the tweet that inspired this PbtA hack!

Photo by Lisa Yount from Unsplash


Download NowName your own price

Click download now to get access to the following files:

F_ck Around & Find Out Fantasy 160 kB
F*ck Around and Find Out Cyberpunk 113 kB
F*ck Around and Find Out In Space 71 kB
Mess Around & Find Out Universal System 136 kB
F*ck Around and Find Out Supernatural (still in development) 73 kB
F*ck Around and Find Out Heroes (still in development) 77 kB
F*ck Around & Find Out Magicians (still in development) 67 kB

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