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Children of Midnight: Coven Digital Development Bundle

Wyld Witches and their covens taking on entrenched power structures in a dark modern day setting. · By Balsamic Moon Games Collective


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Minor Update!!!
We are beginning the process of getting the manuscript ready for publishing. Each Grimoire now has a generic "casting style" associated with it Some Grimoire Po...
1 file
Announcement: the Manuscript Edition is actively being revised!
This update brings the Manuscript Edition in line with the changes made in the Quickstart rules. This will make future changes far easier as we won't be updatin...
4 files
Children of Midnight is back in active development!
Now that the Quickstart and Playtest have over 850 combined downloads, the in-development core rules manuscript and faction preview have been re-released for di...
2 files
Children of Midnight Quickstart Launched!
The Children of Midnight Quickstart is here, live and v1.11! As such, this page is going dormant until the full release of Children of Midnight in 2022. If you...
1 file
0.9.2 Errata
I realized last night that I left out how to interact with the "Hoard" tracker on your Grimoire sheet. Add the following lines to pg 49: Bartering with Fae Frui...
Children of Midnight - Downtime Actions & Art Update
Children of Midnight Core Rules have been updated. New changes include: Downtime Actions have been balanced Fae Fruits have been added to the Glossary as non-el...
2 files
Massive Update for Children of Midnight
Everything has been updated! Wyld Magic has been greatly simplified, Factions have been updated, Grimoire Sheets and Coven Sheets reflect the changes to the gam...
16 files
Individual Blank Grimoires (sorry this took so long)
These contain the following options already filled-in for you: Grimoire chosen Grimoire Sense Grimoire Abilities 8 Grimoire Powers Special Attribute for Baba Th...
5 files

Welcome to the Children of Midnight Forum!

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We have three forum rules:

  • Be Kind!
  • Be Inclusive!
  • Be Wyld!

Let us know what you did at your table and feel free to share your thoughts about the in-game Factions and how we can make them even better!

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Use this topic to discuss rules from any Children of Midnight Playtest documents, request clarifications from the develo...
started by Balsamic Moon Games Collective Jul 17, 2021
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Use this topic to discuss spelling and grammar errors found in any Children of Midnight Playtest documents.
started by Balsamic Moon Games Collective Jul 17, 2021
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This topic is for Community-Driven discussions about how Factions are being used at your gaming table (whether these are...
started by Balsamic Moon Games Collective Jul 17, 2021
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As we approach 2000 downloads I've been working on getting the manuscript updated. I plan to release a core rules manusc...
started by Balsamic Moon Games Collective 99 days ago
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I wanted to post this here to help with any question people might have about some of the terms used in the core book tha...
started by Balsamic Moon Games Collective May 14, 2021
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Until 1594, as far as learned mortals knew, there were no real witches. The real witches were cunning enough to remain h...
started by Balsamic Moon Games Collective Apr 07, 2021
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A few changes to expect: Willpower replaces Stress Essence is used to power spellwork Wyld Magic can be called upon when...
started by Balsamic Moon Games Collective Apr 07, 2021
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