Announcement: the Manuscript Edition is actively being revised!

This update brings the Manuscript Edition in line with the changes made in the Quickstart rules. This will make future changes far easier as we won't be updating two guides simultaneously. HOWEVER, this means that the Quickstart will not necessarily have the same rules as the Manuscript Edition going forward. New rules will only be added to the Manuscript Edition. The Quickstart is effectively "complete" and will not receive any updates unless we decide to move forward with a physical publishing of the Quickstart Guide.

Nightsky Sanctum will always be playing the most recent version of the rules.

Keep an eye particularly on:
Grimoire Powers
General Powers
Grimoire Abilities
Grimoire Senses as they have been adjusted slightly, mostly to bring them in line with how we play them on Nightsky Sanctum.

To make this transition easier we've also *updated and uploaded* the form fillable Grimoire Sheet with all of these changes.

The Work In Progress edition of the form fillable Coven Sheet is also now available (the first page is nearly complete).


Children of Midnight Coven Core Manuscript v0.9.6.1 1 MB
Jun 30, 2022
Children of Midnight Factions Manuscript v0.9.6.1 3 MB
Jun 30, 2022
Grimoire Auto-Fill v0.9.6.1 6 MB
Jun 30, 2022
(WIP) Coven Auto-Fill v0.9.6.1 9 MB
Jun 30, 2022

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