Children of Midnight - Downtime Actions & Art Update

Children of Midnight Core Rules have been updated.

New changes include:

  • Downtime Actions have been balanced
  • Fae Fruits have been added to the Glossary as non-electronic currency (and default payout)
  • Fae Fruits can be consumed by witches to take extra downtime actions
  • Payout system has been more strongly codified including quality ratings for all payout types
  • Retirement takes into account your use of downtime to better your community vs enriching yourself
  • Karma and Hoard trackers have been added to the Grimoire sheets
  • Baba, Eclectic and Empath Powers have been modified
  • Baba (and Eclectic) no longer have anchor related abilities
  • Carrying too much Fae Fruit causes witches to lose dice from Resistance rolls
  • Resistance roll costs have been altered (Crit: +1 Willpower, 6: lose 0 Willpower, 4/5: Lose 1 Willpower, 1-3: Lose 3 Willpower)

Placeholder heritage art and the final pieces of Grimoire art are now in place.

Happy Witching!


Children of Midnight Playtest Core v0.9.2 14 MB
Aug 11, 2021
Children of Midnight Playtest Factions v0.9.2 6 MB
Aug 11, 2021

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